5GAA brings together key actors to share advances on C-V2X deployment in China at MWC Shanghai 2019

5GAA brings together key actors to share advances on C-V2X deployment in China at MWC Shanghai 2019

SHANGHAI, CHINA, 27 June 2019 – The 5G Automotive Association, with the engagement of relevant ecosystem actors in China, from Government officials to telecom and automaker companies and the larger 5GAA community, took stage today at the MWC Shanghai 2019 to explain the state of deployment of the ‘Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything’ (C-V2X) technology in this region.

“5GAA is instrumental in supporting the implementation of C-V2X technology in different parts of the world including China. The momentum in China reflects the fact that C-V2X is the verified, mature and preferred future proof technology for connected vehicles”, said Luke Ibbetson, 5GAA board member and Vodafone Group’s Head of Research and Development.

C-V2X as part of Chinese C-ITS standards

Representatives from different Chinese public institutions underlined during the conference that after issuing the three-year Industry Development Plans on Intelligent Connected Cars (ICV) and releasing C-V2X 5.9GHz ITS spectrum last year, ministries now accelerate standards system of ICV in order to solve the issue of interoperability in various scenarios. Meanwhile, the definition of smart highway standard has started in terms of infrastructure digitalization, Road-Transport unity, “Internet Plus” comprehensive services and new generation transport control network which will be enabled by C-V2X infrastructure and devices for both long range and short-range communication.

C-V2X Eco-system

There was strong engagement from industry stakeholders in China as well. It has been shared that 15 chipset/modules vendors are committed to support C-V2X for the Chinese market, 35 manufacturers are able to provide C-V2X infrastructure hardware or software, and in particular 15 car OEMs have recently announced the roll-out of C-V2X from 2020 H2 to 2021 H1. In order to improve C-V2X industry maturity, IMT2020’s C-V2X Working Group last year organized a “Three-Cross”[i]interoperability tests for three Chipset vendors and 12 OEMs. Furthermore, an interoperability test called “Four-Cross” will be hosted to address more stakeholders and security by testing and verifying certification and authority system.

C-V2X Trial and Pre-commercial pilot

Many voices from the business side also explained the details for C-V2X deployment on the roads and vehicles in China, to be followed in other regions. There are more than 20 trials and pilot projects taking place where 100KM roads across 10 provinces will be digitalized with C-V2X.

Wuxi has been designated as national ICV pilot certificated by MIIT. C-V2X deployment in Wuxi will be extended from 240 intersections to 400 this year, focusing mainly on use cases of autonomous driving assistance and green waves for buses. It is estimated that 1-2 bus lanes will be completed with green wave deployment by end of this year, so as to improve punctuality, reduce emergent stop and waiting time of red light for buses.

Yanchong Highway will be deployed with C-V2X to embrace the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Other regions in China start deploying C-V2X by 2020, for instance, 40KM in Beijing Shunyi district and the international exhibition centre, 42KM in Shanghai Yangshan port, 4.5KM in Xiongan New Area, and the 30KM highway around Hainan province.

On top of showing the strong consolidation of C-V2X in China, the 5GAA event successfully underlined the progress of C-V2X application and services in terms of readiness of the ecosystem and commercialisation. However, China is not alone: 5GAA underlined its dedication to standardization, the eco-system and commercialisation of C-V2X in America, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Once again, 5GAA’s presence at MWC Shanghai successfully outlined the association’s vision in being a global player, and facilitating thought leadership platforms for relevant stakeholders driving towards building a better mobility ecosystem.

Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com)



About 5GAA

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is a global, cross-industry organisation of 115 members comprised of leading global automakers, Tier-1 suppliers, mobile operators, semiconductor companies, test equipment vendors, etc. working together to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services.

5GAA is committed to helping define and develop the next generation of connected mobility for autonomous based on Cellular-V2X (C-V2X), the family of cellular technology-based communications.


Lisa Boch-Andersen

Senior Director, Strategic Communications & Marketing

Mail: lisa.boch-andersen@5gaa.org

Web: www.5gaa.org

[i] Three Cross: Cross chipset, Cross T-Box and Cross vehicles

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